Escape Wheel. Great Weather for Media Anthology: 2020

“Gallop” is part 2 of the short story: “Door

Blossom” (“Island of Lights” excerpt) 
Chicago Quarterly Review: Volume 31, 2020

Once I saw an Elephant
Five on the Fifth: Dec 5 2019

Cultural Weekly: Nov 7 2019

Consumed(“Island of Lights” excerpt)
Ordinary Madness, Weasel Press: 2019

Falling(“Island of Lights” excerpt)
Gravel Mag: April 2019

“Stop at Red”
Suitcase of Chrysanthemums
Great Weather For Media Anthology: 2018

Nineties Song” (“Stop at Red” excerpt)
Litro Online: July 2018 

Tattooed Dragons
Boiling Point Anthology: 1996

Yummi Hussi Zine Issues: 1995-1996

“Four Shades of Blue,” “Statement,” “Mothers of Crystals”
Whakarongo Ki Te Awa (Listen to the River): 1993

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