Yan Sham-Shackleton 沈欣

欣 is a Hong Kong writer and speaker who lives in Los Angeles.


Yan’s fiction has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies internationally.

Image: Kaoru Ng

She is a columnist for the Nobel Peace Prize nominated Hong Kong Free Press, and also writes essays for other publications.

Talks and Readings

Yan is available for fiction readings. She also speaks on the Hong Kong democratic movement and China’s internet censorship.


Great Weather for Media Zoom Reading

Yan reads her newest short story “Gallop” for the launch of the Escape Wheel anthology.

View reading here.

5 Sept 2020

Hong Kong Free Press

Security law: An attempt to erase the memory of Hong Kong as it really was

Hong Kong Free Press: 21 July 2020

Chicago Quarterly Review

“Blossom” a short story about a girl facing emigration to America appeared in Volume 31, 2020, of the Chicago Quarterly Review.

Great Weather for Media Anthology

“Gallop” a short story about the Hong Kong resistance is in Escape Wheel, the 2020 Great Weather for Media Anthology.

Writing Remix Podcast

As a guest in this writing podcast, we talked about Hong Kong’s new National Security Law, government censorship, the complicated nature of revolutions, and the importance of free speech to the work of a writer.


欣 is a Hong Kong writer and speaker who lives in Los Angeles.

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